Chi Branches

ALL Chi Branches are handmade by special orders.

Each Chi Branch is made especially for you or a loved one!

Chi Branches are handmade with love in Spearwood (Fremantle), Western Australia.

The word ‘Chi’ meaning ‘Life Force | Energy’. Each element in each individual ‘Chi Branch’ was bought together to allow their abundant collective energies to resonate in harmony to heighten the energy field that surrounds it.

Every knot that was tied making the ‘Chi Branch’, a prayer/intention was said. Each ‘Chi Branch’ is an individual piece of artwork, radiating it’s own unique energies.

The Bell has sacred meanings in Feng Shui. It is a symbol of great fortune. It brings wealth, prosperity and abundance. It is said that the Bell wards of evil spirits and harmful forces. The Bell brings good luck to homes, longevity and good health.

The Crystals and Feathers that hang from these ‘Chi Branches’ are from Mother Earth and all radiate their own individual Chi.

All our Chi products are intended to shower you and your home with all its collective abundant energies and fill your space with harmony and love x

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